New foods, in brief

Haven't had much time as of late to update the blog, but instead will take the lame-ass way out and post a few pics from the hotel class.

Basque baked eggs and my first attempt at matzo brei.

Everytime I think of matzo brei, I remember Ruth Reichl's description of how she tried to win a boy's heart by cooking this after nights hanging out with friends. Seemed to go over well with the group, but I'm not really sure I cooked it "authentically" or if it even had the right proportions of crackers to egg. Oh well.

These are crazy green Indonesian coconut rolls. Pretty yummy, although the day-glo color is a bit frightening.

Lastly, a pic of us tasting underdone Hawai'ian laulau. Laulau = pork butt, chicken, and butterfish mixed together, wrapped in ti and poi leaves, and steamed. Not bad, but a bitch to make under pressure. I seemed to be allergic to the ti leaves and broke out into a nice rash the day we cooked it. Photo of rash not provided.


EH said...

was cleaning up my links when i saw your site and thought whoa! you're posting!! EH (of previous Blogging By Mail-Buddy fame).

happy holidays!

Connie said...

the egg rolls would make good movie theatre treats - you can see them in the dark! ok, i'm a dork. you look cute in your chef's outfit :) see you next week!