Boston foodfest

The family trip to Boston in June. My sister was thrilled to host all three of us in her cozy one bedroom apartment for the entire weekend. I was practically frothing at the mouth in the excitement of eating new foods, since I live in a rinky-dink town lacking in decent "ethnic" food.

The family on a late night Mexican food jaunt. Above: My parents digging into shredded pork enchiladas with massive sides of beans and rice. We ordered a chicken tamale on the side in case there wasn't enough food. Everything is washed down with tall, frothy glasses of horchata. We prepare for a night of wretched indigestion after such a heavy meal at 11 pm, and aren't let down a few hours later. Mysteriously, Andrea seems unaffected by this gross quantity of food, and chides us for not playing a round of "Dance Dance Revolution" with her an hour after eating.

Obligatory dim sum meal since I can't get food this good in Ithaca. The tripe was excellent, nice and gingery, but a lot of the dishes had a whopping portion of MSG in them. We ended up consuming lots of tea and water. Don tots (egg tartlets) were fabulous, and the flaky crusts were made with real lard (love that porky taste!).

Andrea's miraculous Flavia drink station machine at her workplace. We were a family obsessed, drinking cup after cup of powdered ground coffee goodness. The drinks were surprisingly good considering they come out of little shiny foil packs. The Flavia website says:

The S350 delivers employees and clients consistently superior gourmet beverages with freshness and convenience unmatched by traditional office coffee or other single-cup systems. Over 30 drinks – fresh ground coffee, flavorful tea, healthy wellbeing drinks and rich indulgent creations, and no cross-contamination."

I had not ever thought about dirty, dirty cross-contamination from drinking coffee out of a regular pot, but come to think of it, my co-workers could be possible disease carrying filthmongers. Such a bizarre point to make, but perhaps bacteria is transmitted through communal coffee stations.

My dad loved his "Intense Dark Roast" and drank it throughout our trip. I do believe all that caffeine spurred us to walk many more miles than we ought to have walked that weekend.