In the land of mochi and spam

The Hawai'i trip has sadly ended, and now I'm back in rainy Ithaca blogging away in front of the computer.

Obligatory beach shot before food pics commence:

We hiked up the Kalalau Trail in Kaua'i to see the Na Pali coastline. Here's Ke'e beach, filled with snokelers and feral roosters.

One of the hotels we stayed at gave mini cupcakes and water at nightly turn-down service instead of chocolate on the pillows. How novel is that? The cupcakes varied each night, but this coconut one was my favorite. I wish tiny cupcakes magically appeared every evening in my bedroom.

While I was working, Tony explored Honolulu and had food adventures of his own. Here's the result of one of his sojourns - okonomiyaki! According to Harumi Kurihara, (Japan's version of Martha Stewart) in Harumi's Japanese Cooking, okonomiyaki is a popular family style of eating with ingredients that vary from region to region, but usually is a layered concoction consisting of a seafood and veggie pancake, fried noodles and eggs. Hawai'i's version of this pancake included kimchee, fried eggs, and cabbage topped with soy sauce, mayo, and dried nori. It really freaked the food stand server out to see this skinny haole (white) boy ask for an okonomiyaki with all the fixings. It's a gruesome mess of ingredients that Tony claimed was actually really tasty, but it definitely could be confused for the aftermath of a lab dissection in the photo.

Lastly for today, since I'm on this pancake roll, is a pic of the obscenely huge pancakes served up at the Hilton Prince Kuhio's restaurant Mac 24-7. It's hard to show how big these flapjacks actually were, but take my word, they were immense and awe-inspiring. We ordered the kona coffee mocha cakes which came with guava, maple, and coconut syrups. Oh, and they were drizzled with warm butter caramel. It's a diabetic's nightmare, I know.

Despite our good intentions and best attempts at finishing, we only trimmed off a fourth of the pancakes. It looks lame, but they really were three huge pancakes, and each one was about 2+ centimeters thick.

More to come soon!

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Connie said...

That is crazy huge (the pancake). But sounds very yummy. I hope you were able to spend some time not working!