Hello world! Yet another go at the world of blogging. How do all you blogpeople have so much time to do your entries on a daily or weekly basis? I guess I need to get my priorities straight. That's why I'm doing this at work (heh heh).

So I'm participating in a BBM hosted by Cathy of my little kitchen.

Even without a blog, it needed to be done. Jenn from BeastlySum was kind enough to be one of the quickest package mailers in the West - I hadn't even thought about putting together my package when hers showed up on my doorstep last weekend. Check out her goods! Opening up a box from a stranger can be one of the exhilarating (or frightening, I suppose) things one can do in this lifetime. I was thrilled to be fortunate enough to open such a cool gift from Jenn.

Contents: Jar of homemade fiery pepper jelly, a fun turtle sticker, mint candy reception stick things, jar of Arthur Bryant's famous BBQ sauce, pumpkin pie cheeseball mix (can't wait to try this - I'm fascinated with the cheeseball concept), air-roasted Guatamalan coffee fromThe Roasterie, pumpkin pie spice mix, family recipes including a pastry made with gouda cheese, a photo of her fabulous kitchen, a chai recipe, and much, much more!

I'm so glad I was the recipient of her package. Sorry, Jenn, that I can't do you justice with my modest little blog.

See below for close-up of the pumpkin cheeseball mix and other edible delights.

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Jennifer (J.L.B.) said...

yay!!! yay!!!! your blog!

btw, the cassava--there's a store called "Chinatown SuperFood" that sells all sorts of wonderful ingredients so that I don't feel homesick for rural Illinois (:O

i think cassava is really a tapioca...so maybe tapioca flour?
i'll see if i can find you a box.

you can order the actual cake from the infamous (out west) goldilocks company.